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A National Urban League Film Series | This Week's Story: Akyra & Collin

A Provocative New Film Series and Webinar from Unmasked Stories of Inequity This past spring, the National Urban League embarked on a journey to learn from young people about their experiences with remote learning. The result is a provocative 13-part film series. Young people share the challenges of school and home life, all the while navigating a COVID-19 nightmare. Their worlds have changed. They tell their stories in their voices. They also tell us what adults can do better! The films are packed with actionable recommendations for policymakers, administrators, youth development specialists, and adults who interact with young people. #UnmaskedStories

Join The Discussion Join us on Thursday, October 28, 2021 at 2:00pm EDT for a behind the scenes talk with the students featured in the film series. Learn more about their experience and how our communities can better advocate for students affected by the pandemic. Click the video to view the story of Akyra & Collin

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