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Natascha Williams


GiJan3 was birthed in 2013 started competing in Women’s Bodybuilding! 5 years later G I Jan3 StudioX was birthed in December 2018 and a year later Mind Body & Soul Foodz was birthed in December 2019. Mind, Body and Soul Foodz and GiJan3's  mission is to help transform 1000 family lives in Mississippi and also to help women and men discover their true selves through health and fitness. G.I. Jan3 promotes a holistic journey to knowledge of self through emotional intelligence, spiritual growth, financial freedom and physical mastery!


Mind Body & Soul Foodz works to bring your Mind and Body back into alignment and Focusing on feeding the Soul, Educating one on nutrition, inspiring one to be a better you and providing a solid plan for a healthy lifestyle. Our mission is to give you that lasting experience that makes you feel like you just took a trip to grandma’s house. 

Restaurant Details:
🖥️ Restaurant Website ​
☎️ Restaurant Phone Number: 769-251-1211
💙 Facebook search: Mind Body and Soul Foodz
💛 Instagram: mind_body_and_soulfoodz

G. I. Jane Details:
☎️ Gym Phone Number: 205-441-8291
💙 Facebook search: G.I. Jane
💛 Instagram:g_i_jan3

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